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Mute yourself

You can mute your audio and listen to others so that you can jump into the conversation anytime without disturbing others.

Live chat

Share your emotions in the live chat.You can even ask the participant to give you the chance to leave the audio room for you :P

Live listening

Don’t want to say anything? No worries, you can now listen live to all the room conversations.Just enter the room of your interest and you will find awesome people talking to each other.

Live emotions

Share your emotions and reactions directly to the participant who is speaking.Trust us, it will be FUN.

Stay anonymous

Oh yes!! This you can opt if you don’t want to reveal your identity and share your secrets and fun talks with others.No one will judge you

Trending topics

Our content creators works hard for you to give the best topics to discuss.You can select any topic which excites you and invite friends to JOIN along with you.

Multiple audio rooms

Oh no all the audio tables are occupied :( No issue, you can enter multiple rooms to discuss and also switch between them smoothly.

Report abuse

Yes, we understand the community.For that, you can report abuse any members and our team will take corrective action of banning.

Share and Invite friends

Feel free to enjoy conversations with friends.Even, they want to listen what are your thoughts.